Automation Services


We offer consulting services to help you with all your automation needs. DCS can work with your staff evaluating applications and offering recommendations. We can also act on your behalf in dealing with OEMs and service providers. We offer off-site run-off support and we can oversee the installation of critical equipment in your facility. System start-up and project management services can be provided by the DCS engineering staff.

Robot Integration

DCS has performed several successful robot integrations over the years. Writing PLC code to tightly integrate ABB and KUKA robots into highly automated cells, we have helped our customers improve productivity.

Functional Spec Development

Working with your engineers, operators and other production staff, we can develop Functional Specifications for your application. We can include as part of the specification how a particular piece of equipment fits into an overall process. We can document how a particular piece of equipment interfaces to other equipment in the application. You can use this specification to have modifications or upgrades quoted. Finally, this specification can become part of the documentation for your process or application..

Equipment / Cycle Optimization

DCS understands equipment and controls. This knowledge enables us to evaluate processes and optimize the performance of your equipment. Whether it is a single machine in the process or the entire process, we can find any inefficiencies and offer solutions for correcting them