OEM/Supplier Management

New Equipment Development

Your board has approved millions to fund your next production line. You’ve selected OEM/Equipment Suppliers and all is good. But you need to create requirements and specifications and your site based automation team barely has the time to keep the existing production systems running let alone spend months bringing in the new equipment.

You need an automation partner that can bridge the gap between your production site automation staff and the OEM/Equipment Suppliers.

The DCS team has extensive experience bridging this gap. We can assist in developing those requirements and specifications, understand site requirements and ensure the new equipment meets those requirements. Out team will work hard to understand the existing site systems such as Historians, MES, Recipe Systems and ensure your new equipment is properly integrated when it arrives saving you time and money. Our team often assists the OEM/Equipment Supplier with programming and setup to enhance the overall delivery. As well our team can provide the documentation and code to integrate with site systems so the OEM/Equipment Supplier can focus soley on producing the best machine possible.