PLC / Motion Services


At DCS we use the latest programming tools available. We take a structured approach to programming with the goal of designing reusable code. We break the logic up into functional sections. By designing the code in this way our customers can typically maintain the code themselves for many years. We also believe in writing self-documenting code. This approach costs a little more in development time but will save our customers considerable time supporting the equipment over its usable life.


Whether you’re modifying your equipment by adding or removing functionality or you’re just not happy with your equipment performance, we can help you with your application. We will come in and discuss your needs and supply a quote which defines the scope of work to be performed. By consulting with your engineering and production staff, we can produce a Functional Specification. When we agree that all issues are covered by the document, we can provide a very accurate timeline for performing the modifications to your equipment.


DCS has many years experience troubleshooting PLC controlled machinery. This experience allows us to solve difficult problems quickly. We will work with your maintenance personnel during the troubleshooting process and spend time explaining what we are looking at and our methodology. By involving your technicians, they will learn our techniques and become more efficient at resolving your problems without the need for outside assistance.